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Professional Registration
Funded Research
Graduate Students Advising

Ph.D., Clemson University, 1998, Civil Engineering
M.S., Clemson University, 1997, Civil Engineering
B.Sc. (Honours), University of the West Indies, 1985, Civil Engineering

Professional Registration
Professional Engineer (Civil-Structural), Massachusetts, 2003, No. 45425
Registered Engineer (Civil), Trinidad and Tobago, 2001, No. 04-755


Academic Employment
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2013- Present, Associate Professor (Structures)
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2007- 2013, Assistant Professor (Structures)
Clemson University, Clemson, SC, 2004-2007, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Industry Employment
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc., Waltham, MA 1998-2004, Senior Engineer
Ministry of Works – Port-of Spain, Trinidad, 1985-90, Civil Engineer II

Post-Graduate Research Employment
Clemson University, 1993-98, Graduate Research Assistant
University of the West Indies, 1990-93, Research Assistant

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. Waltham, MA (1998-2004), expertise in the design, renovation and repair of building envelope systems and waterproofing systems.

Englekirk & Sabol Consulting Engineers, Los Angeles, CA (2005 - 2006), Conduct wind tunnel studies to determine components and cladding and MWFRS loads and pedestrian-level wind speeds for high-rise buildings using boundary layer wind tunnel.

4SEInc. Charleston, SC (2004-2005), Consulting on hurricane risk assessment for component and cladding wind loads during hurricane of the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC campus.

Bloom & Watkin, Boston, MA (2004-2005), Forensic investigation of water-damaged high-rise apartment building in Newport News, VA to determine cause of leakage during Hurricane Isabel (2003).

Ringer, Henry, Buckley &Seacord, P.A. (2008) Review of Construction Documents Pertaining to Building Damage During Hurricane Charley (2004) at the Orlando Airport Distribution Center.


  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE (1995 - )
  • Member, American Association of Wind Engineering, AAWE (1997 - )
  • Member, Wind Engineering Society (United Kingdom), WES (2004 - )
  • Member, Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago,
    Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad & Tobago (1985 - )
  • Partner, Partnership for Advancing Housing Technology, PATH (2005 - )
  • Awards

  • 2012, Silver Medal Award for Excellence in Science and Technology, NIHERST
  • 2007, Faculty Excellence Award, Clemson University Board of Trustees
  • 2006, EXCEED Teacher Fellow Award, ASCE
  • 1997, Herb Busching Award, Roof Consultant’s Institute
  • 1996, 1997 R. C. Edwards and Kimley-Horn Fellowships, Clemson University
  • Selected Publications (Out of 30+)
    List of publications

    Externally Funded Research Activities

    University of Florida
    Title of Contract Funding Agency Value of Contract Effective Dates Role
    Performance Based Wind Engineering (PBWE): Interaction of Hurricanes with Residential Structures NSF $100,000 7-1-2008 to 6-30-2009 PI
    Hurricane Resistance of Florida Residential Construction: In-Field Evaluation of Practicality, Acceptability and Effectiveness of Hurricane Retrofit Mitigation Measures Department of Community Affairs, State of Florida $176,008 9-1-2007 to 6-30-2008 PI
    Wind Uplift Performance of Roof Sheathing retrofitted with SPF Honeywell/ Hunstman $44,548 5-2-2007 to 12-31-2007 PI
    Structural Capacity of Roof Sheathing Panels Retrofitted with Spray-applied Polyurethane Foam NCFI Polyurethanes $10,900 PI
    Clemson University
    Title of Contract Funding Agency Value of Contract Effective Dates Role
    Constructing Scale Model Roof-to-Wall Connections in Residential Construction for Dissemination of Hurricane Mitigation Techniques SC Sea Grant Consortium $5,000 (3-1-06 to
    Predicting Wind Uplift Failures of Wood-Framed Residential Roof Structures Using Influence Function and Database Assisted Design SC Sea Grant Consortium $120,109 $60k for Year 1 only (3-1-06 to
    SGER: Structural Roof Capacities of Existing Residential Roof Construction NSF $105,771 Oct 2006 to May 2007 PI
    Comparing Field Measured Pressures with Wind Tunnel Model Studies of Single-Family Homes in Suburban Areas SC Sea Grant Consortium $47,998 4-30-2005 to 5-1-2007 PI
    Technical Support for Hurricane Loss Program – Wind Tunnel Tests Florida DCA thru FIU $45,000 3-1-05 to
    Wind Tower Deployments and House Sensor Installation SC Sea Grant Consortium $9,893 (2004-2005). PI
    Ground-Level Hurricane Wind Characteristics in Real-time NOAA thru Unif of Florida $34,013 (2004 - 2005) Co-PI
    Technical Support for Hurricane Loss Mitigation Florida DCA thru FIU $55,000 (3-1-05 to
    Visiting Industrial Scholar Program - Activity to introduce building envelope design and forensic engineering to the civil engineering offerings Oak Ridge Associated Universities $600 2005 PI
    Technical Support for Florida Coastal Monitoring Program, Year 2 University of Florida $120,228 2005-2006 Co-PI
    The Florida Hurricane Alliance Year Two: Monitoring Surface Level Hurricane Winds in Real-Time NOAA thru Univ. of Florida $20,000 1-1-06 to

    Graduate Student Advising

    University Of Florida
    Applicant’s Role Student Research Topic Home Dept. Complete Date
    1 Ph.D.
    Peter L. Datin Performance Based Wind Engineering CE 2011
    Chair 4 MS
    Kenneth Hill Wind Uplift pressure Tests using Spatially Variable Pressures CE 2009
    Chair 4 MS
    Akwasi Mensah To be determined CE 2010
    Chair 4 MS
    Chelsea Scheid Non-thesis CE 2009
    Chair 4 MS
    Jared Easterlin To be determined CE 2010
    Member 1 MS committee Nard Shah To be determined CE 2009
    Member 1 MS committee Cory Salzano To be determined CE 2009
    Member 1 MS committee Carlos Lopez To be determined CE 2009
    Clemson University
    Applicant’s Role Student Research Topic Home Dept. Complete Date
    Chair 2 Ph.Ds Zhuzhao Liu Reliability of Components and Cladding Systems of Residential Houses CE 08/2006
    Chair 2 Ph.Ds Bo Cui External Pressure Coefficients for Sawtooth and Monosloped Roofs CE 08/2007
    Ph.D. External Examiner Sudhakar Molletti Performance Evaluation of Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems CE/ Univ. of Ottawa, Canada 12/2005
    Member 3 Ph.D. Committees Ketan R. Sompura A study on the potential of deicing chemicals to cause alkali-silica reaction in concrete CE 06/2006
    Member 3 Ph.D. Committees Rashmi R. Pattnaik Investigation into compatibility between repair material and substrate concrete using experimental and finite element methods CE 12/2006
    Member 3 Ph.D. Committees Cheng Liang (Evan) Hsiao Wall and ground movements in a braced excavation in clays and serviceability reliability of adjacent buildings CE 05/2007
    Chair MS Committees Peter L. Datin (MS Non-thesis) CE 05/2007
    Chair MS Committees Satyam Gajjar (MS Non-thesis) CE 05/2007
    Member 3 Masters Joshua S. Stamm Evaluation of single-ply mechanically attached roof membrane systems under wind uplift conditions CE 12/2004
    Member 3 Masters Amolprasad S. Kulkarni Evaluation of mechanically attached single-ply membranes based on tear resistance and weld strength under wind uplift conditions CE 12/2005